Support to the borderline village family (video)

“11 children borderline family living in the fellow villager’s dilapidated hut” video on Armenian leading news websites published by “Shirak Center” had significant response.

It was about a family having many children in Shirak region far borderline village, which lived in hard social and housing conditions. They have lived in the fellow villager’s dilapidated and damp hut for 20 years. They were given promise by state bodies long ago though the promise didn’t come true. Simple things like washing machine, table with chairs, flour and firewood were dream for them. A month later after the publication of our material they were given everything they need. Marina Nushikyan from Yerevan gave the family a washing machine, table and chairs, flour and firewood.

Stockholm “Shirak” Swedish-Armenian volunteering union gave them clothes and food. And “Dandy Prishs Metals Kapan” CJSC general director Hrach Jabryan gave furniture, computer, refrigerator and firewood. All are new and good quality.

About “Shirak Center” charitable act in the video below.