Monopoly also in toy business (video)

For children’s toys under 14 some restrictions have been made connected with safety.

These restrictions bother small and middle businesses. According to them, the decision made during the previous session of the government monopolizes the sphere.

According to the decision, there must be Armenian note on the toy, which must include the composition, importing and producing company name, address, phone number and toy use order. Businessman Gagik Khocharyan notes, “In Armenia as in the whole world it will be imported from China and you can order Chinese factory what you want, they can write a tale even music.”

The change was proposed by Ministry of Ecology taking into consideration the complaints about toys’ safety. The representative of the Ministry claims that they restricted the norms following European experience. Ministry’s Quality Infrastructure and Technical Regulations Department head Lily Makhsudyan noted, “Toy safety standards have been restricted in the whole world, and if Chinese products can’t be exported to Europe, it will surely try to find other markets, and if we don’t raise the level, it means, that it will be imported into Armenia.”

The studies made by “Armenian women for health and environment” NGO in 2013 showed that 20 % of toys in Armenian markets are dangerous for children’s health.

The restrictions will be exercised a year later. What changes will be made is difficult to foresee. But representatives of middle business are sure that not the quality will rise but the prices.

Details in the video