Tovmasyan to Zurabyan: If you do not understand me, I can give a lecture (video)

 There is a monopoly in the advertising market, with 80 percent of the market belonging to Mikael Minasyan, the son-in-law of Serzh Sargsyan, Secretary of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), Levon Zurabyan announced in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

“I would like to know what measures the government is taking to curb the monopoly,” the MP said addressing the executive body.

“Do you want to show that you are so strong as to give names here?” Justice Minister Hrayr Tompasyan said in reply to the HAK lawmaker. “We made mistakes and we want to correct them. And now you have come and began to read out a text, giving names. Nothing will change even if we replace that name by your name. I have the impression that you have nothing to say to the president and are just giving the names of his family members. If you do not understand me, I can give a lecture. And if you want to make a political statement, I must say that you have chosen a wrong day,” said the minister.