Citizens deceived by Tonus Construction Company stage protest outside Presidential compound

A group of citizens deceived by the Tonus Construction Company held a protest action outside the presidential compound in the morning, demanding a meeting with Serzh Sargsyan.

Talking to GALA TV, the protesters said they had been waiting for an answer for several years now.

“We have been struggling for ten years but to no avail. We have been cheated and no one seems to care for us,” said the angered citizens.

The group was received by Hovhannes Hovsepyan, Head of the Office of Supervisory Services of the Presidential Office.

“Serzh Sargsyan is our last hope. We came to him after unsuccessfully knocking on all doors. We have gone to all instances – government, banks and relevant bodies but they all refused to listen to us,” said the desperate people.

“Do you mean to say that it is fault that you appeared in this situation?” Hovsepyan said in reply.

A group of people lost their apartments in Yerevan because of the Tonus Construction Company. After selling the apartments in a new building to these residents the company put these apartments as collateral at Artsakhbank. Once the building was constructed, Artsakhbank seized the apartments, Tonus Construction Company was declared bankrupt and the owners left empty-handed. The residents do not believe that Artsakhbank was unaware of the company’s plans.