Why were support centres for juvenile offenders closed in Armenia? Watch discussion live!

At 12. 00, March 12, Media Centre hosts a discussion on “Juvenile delinquents: The closure of support centres for juvenile offenders across Armenia.”

The discussion is initiated by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Guests at the studio will be Police Colonel Nelly Duryan, deputy head of the Police’s 3rd Investigation Department (of Juvenile Affairs), Aram Orbelyan, Deputy Minister of Justice, Mira Antonyan, Executive Director of  FAR (Fund for Armenian Relief) Children’s Centre, Mariam Martirosyan, Country Director for Armenia Office at PH (Project Harmony) International Inc.

Support centres for juvenile offenders were closed in Armenia in January due to the end of donor funding. With limited resources itself, the government has decided to focus on creating a youth probation service. But the start-date for that has been put back, leaving a gap in which there will be no alternatives to detention for young offenders.