Margarita Yesayan is against the bill against “fakes’ (video)

NA HHK deputy Margarita Yesayan’s announcement:

A bill is on circulation, which is actively discussed on websites, by media, editors, representatives of virtual world. “Amendments in the RA Civil Code” bill has already had a nickname- against fakes, and it is more precise.

Most of the representatives in media field claim that there is no need for such bill, as that part of the sphere is fully controlled by other laws.

I tried to introduce the ideas against the bill in the parliament and by doing it, I inform, that people are speaking against the bill, who are well aware of the field, and I think that the bill wants to make internet world colorless and boring and second those are struggling against fakes, who use nicknames and fake profiles often, and in this case they are discontent, that the same method works against them.

Me, as a deputy often offended by such profiles, I am not against fakes, as I think that people must relax in some way, free themselves from venom and evil. And how else to do that but through fake profiles and names. It is problem of courage. On the other hand, everything is clear within us, we all know each other, who is able to do something, how and for what.

How much European organizations and officials teach us to adopt such bill, we must solve the problem not only because some Euro or Customs officials want it, but as we need that.

I remind that many specialist in media field consider many points of the bill controversial having serious reasoning.

It is the issue, which must be discussed among professionals before publication, and if it is put into circulation, we should hear the specialists, as it is also one of the exceptional cases, when all the parliamentary parties signed the bill. In honor of the bill authors, I want to say, that they are ready for discussions.

Finally a cite from a website, which I share fully- for offending a person, there is no need for fake name and profile.