“North-south” third part is starting

On March 11 RA Finance Minister David Sargsyan and permanent representative of Asian development bank in Armenia David Doll signed “North-south” road investment plan” third part- 100 million dollar credit agreement.

The goal of this investment plan is to create efficient, safe and stable North-south road, which will ensure ties in Armenia as well as international ties with other countries.

Agreement’s third part consists of these main components:

• The reconstruction of 18.7 km road between Talin and Lanjik cities and its enlargement, making it two-side traffic four-road highway,

• The long road subsectorial plan, road asset management and ongoing maintenance administrative system development and implementation

• North-South road 304 km from Artashat to Khajaran part preparation of feasibility study

• Plan implementation support and “North-south” road corridor investment plan further portion preparation, including feasibility study and detailed engineering project preparation.

Ministry of Finance Information and Public Relations Department