There was earthquake in Japan on this day

On March 11, 2011 there was 9.0-9.1 magnitudes earthquake in Japan, which took the lives of many people. Having the hard experience of 1988 earthquake, the RA didn’t remain indifferent and quickly offered its help providing Japan’s Government both material and moral support.

Today on March 11, 2014 on the day of the third anniversary of destructive earthquake and tsunami, there was an event in the RA MES, where the Ministry staff paid tribute in memory of the innocent victims. Under the band music, a wreath was put at the Salvage devotees monument in the Ministry yard.

Armenian children music band, studying Japanese in ABIC company, presented its performance to Japanese people, surprising the people present with their excellent knowledge of Japanese. The performance was about kindness, love, peace and memories. Guests from Japan were also present.

In the hall of MES the exhibition of Japanese photographer Toshinari Mukami’s photos was arranged.

According to MES