“I remain the only legitimate president and supreme commander” (video)

“I remain not only the legitimate president but also the supreme commander,”- announced Ukrainian resigned president Viktor Yanukovich in Russian Rostov Don city making his speech among journalists.

He added that he hasn’t stopped his powers, he is alive, he wasn’t resigned legally, so he is the head of the country.

“I haven’t run away. I was in Ukraine during the days of power acquisition by radicals, I was in Kharkov, then Donetsk and after Crimea. I didn’t leave Ukraine during revolution,”- said Yanukovich responding to the announcements that he is not president as he left the country during revolution.

Yanukovich announced that he will go back to Kiev when there are relevant circumstances. He assured that the day is not far.

According to Yanukovich: “The so called elections in Ukraine will pass under the full control of extreme powers and no one must protect the illegal acquisition of power.

To the question that the USA is going to provide 1 billion dollars to the bandit regime in Ukraine, Yanukovich answered that the US Constitution bans it, as the present authorities in Ukraine came to the power by non legitimate way. Yanukovich is going to appeal the decision of support for Ukraine in the US Senate, Congress.

In the end of his speech Yanukovich expressed his confidence that they would overcome this phase.

Then he left the hall without responding to journalists’ questions.

We remind that his previous conference, which was first public speech after leaving Ukraine, was on February 28 again in Rostov Don.