Fight against the “fakes” is meaningless (video)

The initiative of all the NA parties to make amendments to the Civil Code, which refers to the information use by media on social websites, continues to keep media representatives concerned.

Zhoghovurd newspaper editor Taguhi Tovmasyan today in the conversation with the journalist noted that the new bill can’t prevent the information flow, which offends people and interferes their personal life. New bill demands from media to remove anonymous comments during 12 months.

“I think that 12 months are enough for the information to be spread throughout the country by which a person’s reputation can fall, if the aim of the law is prevention of that phenomena, it is meaningless.”

BlogNews website editor Aram Antinyan thinks that there is no need for amendments in the law, as the present law wholly controls the system. He reminds that the media can violate the new law if it wants, “I can find a shepherd in Tanzania and put any information or offensive comment through him on website. Armenia has no diplomatic relationship with Tanzania and can’t find that shepherd or call for responsibility.”