“Media liability sanctions are not connected with the CU” (video)

The bill proposed in the NA, which intends to put subjects on media, will stop the anarchy in this sphere, assures NA state-legal affairs permanent committee, created initiative member Edmon Marukyan.

“It is about the creation of fake profiles, by which people are offended and then they are spread by some media. We are not talking about censorship of criticism or creation of new control, which is concluded by some people who are not aware of the project,”- in the conversation with “A1+’ said the NA deputy.

According to Mr. Marukyan, the project of making additions in “Copyright and Related Rights” RA law is not connected with the joining to the Customs Union.

“We just have problem which must be solved and we have Human rights European court decisions, by which clear standards are set. If there is a media website and the owner of the website has possibility for active moderation, it means that he must have responsibility. It is the whole concept.”

According to Edmon Marukyan, there will be all the guarantees that legal settings won’t affect the media.