EU-Armenia further developments and prospects: report

European friends of Armenia ( NGO published its recent research on EU-Armenia relations’ development in order to stress further developments in EU-Armenia relations.

In July 2013 Armenia finished its negotiations over EU-Armenia Association agreement, which also included Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).The announcement of Armenia of joining Eurasian Union interferes the pre-signing of this agreement taking into consideration commercial component incompatibilities of agreement. Nevertheless during the last four years EU and Armenia have developed and achieved high levels of cooperation. The proves are the achievements in spheres of Human rights protection institution, election processes’ transparency, efficient management, free media, border governing and fight against crime and corruption. These are the examples of Armenia’s efforts in realizing EU development suggestions and fitting the standards.

On the other hand, EU is close with the rest of its partners in all the world including such customs unions and trading blocks as Brazil for which EU is essential trading partner and Malaysia with which the cooperation in trade and other fields is separated. Based on these examples the cooperation field must be created between EU and Armenia without taking into consideration the trading responsibilities of each with the third side.

Besides both from EU and Armenia the agreement in refreshments of EU-Armenia cooperation legal bases is needed based on the above mentioned. Such legal bases can be presented in the form of “Simplified PC” or “PC Plus” projects, which will let EU and Armenia develop their relations later gathering their present achievements and taking into consideration the fact that majority of cooperation spheres is not commercial.

Nevertheless the agreements in economic sphere must be left realistic as in Uruguay case.

Al last now it is Armenia’s turn to be initiative in the further cooperation with EU, to express political readiness and make suggestions in spheres jointly set during November 2013 in Vilnius.

European Friend of Armenia