“What will happen if Serzh Sargsyan makes a mistaken?” (video)

Constitutional foundations are eroded every time, Hrant Bagratyan, an MP from the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) announced at the National Assembly in regard to the initiative on creating a joint investigative committee.

Bagratyan recalled that a similar proposal was made during his tenure of office as prime minister but in the context of constitutional reforms. Anyway, he says the new bill is unacceptable. “Abnormal developments subject the foundations of statehood to erosion.

“I see no logic here. It is the executive body that must appoint candidates and not the president. You are destroying the institute of government. Every day, you bring new bills which are one step forward and two steps back,” said the HAK MP.

Hrant Bagratyan says Serzh Sargsyan cannot appoint both the judge and the accusant. “”What will happen if Serzh Sargsyan makes a mistaken?” he said.