I Am Against Initiative to continue rallies

Members of I Am Against Initiative have summed up the results of the March 7 protest outside the Ministry of Finance against the controversial pension system reform. The group condemned Finance Minister Davit Sargsyan for his warnings issued to public and private employers and urged the Minister not to force employers to deduct 5 percent of workers’ wages at least until the Constitutional Court publicized its ruling on the case.

Speaking to reporters on March 10, the initiative representatives said police officers again exerted violence on the group members.

The activists have decided to respond to the violence.  “We shall collect all videos where policemen show aggression towards us and make them accountable for their actions. Police have no right to behave in such a way,” said Artashes Arabajyan, one of the group members who scuffled with police in Yerevan on Friday.

Speaking about their future steps, the group members said they are going to make PSAs, hold demos and rallies.

“Serzh Sargsyan cannot bear our rallies, therefore, we have decided to continue them,” they said.