Nikol Pashinyan: Serzh Sargsyan decided to resolves several issues at a time (video)

In the last ten years, the investigative agencies in Armenia have been subjected to numerous changes, with the General Prosecutor’s Office being deprived of the opportunity to conduct preliminary investigation, Nikol Pashinyan, a lawmaker from the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), said at the National Assembly on March 10.

Today, the lawmakers were debating the initiative on creating a joint investigative body.

“We have Special Investigative Service, Investigation Department of the Defense Ministry but none of these bodies have made qualitative changes in terms of investigation. The murder of Colonel Gevorg Mheryan is not revealed, the investigation into the deadly clashes of March 1, 2008, has reached an indescribable level of cynicism. The formation of the new investigation committee is simply an attempt to provide former general prosecutor [Aghvan Hovsepyan] with job,” he stressed adding that the National Assembly has turned into an employment agency.

“Serzh Sargsyan has decided to find a job for Hovsepyan as he does not want the former general prosecutor to join the ranks of his opponents with shady connections. With this, Serzh Sargsyan resolves several issues at a time; he decreases the role of the Police Chief and Defense Minister. I am going to vote against the bill.”