Selective abortion homosexuality boost?

There have been 7200 abortions because of child’s gender during recent 5 years, this rate was recorded by UNO office. In fact, 1400 girls aren’t born in Armenia every year and the rate is increasing.

“About 50 years later we will have 93 000 unborn mothers. It means inner genocide,”- says “Union for support of mothers with many children” NGO head Margarita Hovhannisyan.

Margarita Hovhannisyan heard much from young couples, “We will have one child in order to keep well” expression, but why the gender of that only child is always male, she doesn’t understand, “Imagine that 15 years ago that child can’t choose a wife, as there is no girl. It means that he has to go abroad to find a wife or become homosexual,”- she expresses her concern.

Armenia has birth rate decrease problem, says Margarita Hovhannisyan and adds that the issue must be carefully observed and even the PACE suggested adopting a low in order to stop selective abortions. “It will increase abortion risks. I don’t think that female representatives will be born in this way, more work must be done so that people realize that there is no difference between boys and girls.”

Armenia is on the second place with the abortion rates after China.