Open letter from Tavush region

Open letter to the representatives of international organizations

“We all saw one more act of violence from Azerbaijan typical to them.

Tavush region Verin Karmraghbyur village 77-years-old resident Mamikon Khojoyan, who has psychological problems, got lost in Armenian-Azerbaijani border on January 28 and appeared in Azerbaijan, where he was tortured and returned to Armenia with wounds.

Tavush region international patriotic union, being the biggest organization dealing with issues of regions having the longest border with Azerbaijan, must deal with border issues.

Applying to you, I ask and demand to present your issue to all the world and pressure on Azerbaijani authorities- condemning the inhuman attitude towards the peaceful resident, which contradicts the Forth convention of Geneva. It is necessary to take urgent measures, as we have another case of passing the border. Tavush region resident Arsen Khojoyan is in Azerbaijan.

At the same time we ask to publicize the results of your work, which is beneficial also for you.”

Best regards

Sergey Barseghyan

Tavush region head of international patriotic union