Manvel Grigoryan: “Armenian woman is not only Erkrapah”

YVU head Manvel Grigoryan’s message


On March 8th- Women’s Day, accept my, all the yerkrapahs’, 5th brigades soldiers, young yerkrapah’s warm congratulations.

This nice holiday is more valued- announcing the start of spring and spring is especially beautiful with the holiday dedicated to you.

Dear Armenian women, we always evaluate the role of women in the state and public life. More appreciated is your role in firm family, home protection and education of children.

It is proved through history that Armenian woman is not only yerkrapah but also supporter for her husband, brother in urgent moments, she struggled with her son for family and state protection. During Artsakh war it was proved once again that Armenian woman not only bore yerkrapah but also she is ready to stand beside her brother, son, husband in the battlefield.

Our dear mothers, sisters, women most of you had great loses sacrificing the most valuable and sacred. I congratulate especially you, mothers of heroes who died for freedom, our dear mother Greta, I admire your great will and faith, I wish you health, power and will.

I especially congratulate you, Artsakh hero mothers, hero woman, you did everything during Artsakh war to protect your homes, for victory in this imposed war. Glory to you.

Special congratulations to Armenian women in national army, women soldiers, wives of army’s officers and all those mothers, whose sons are on military duty.

Warm congratulation to all those mothers, whose sons joined “Young yerkrapah” group on March 5. They are our next soldiers, officers and state owners.

On March 8 I congratulate once more all Armenian women, wish them health, happiness, let their wishes come true and peace to our country.