Word of Blessing from Mother See

His Holiness Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin B blessing on Women’s day

From Luso Khoran Mother See of St. Etchmiadzin we bring our Patriarchal blessings and warm congratulations to women and ladies on March 8.

During spring, on these days of nature’s awakening, March 8th adds joy to people’s hearts- stressing the importance of women’s luminous mission in this world. In the different spheres our mothers, sisters and daughters benefit their service to our country and people with their special love, care and faithfulness, put efforts to the welfare of public prosperity, state strengthening, bright future creation. Women’s role and dedicated attending in national and spiritual life is priceless and exceptional particularly in strong family, new generation education and upbringing.

We bring our warm wishes from Mother See of St. Etchmiadzin and pray to God to protect our mothers, sisters and daughters in blessings and to give strength to serve our people and state development.

May God’s Holy Right be on our women and ladies, gift healthy longevity, happiness and all the goods of the world.