Lyova Khachatryan: It is disgusting, even insulting for me (video)

On March 6, farmers blocked Aparan-Yerevan highway out of uncertainty, says Lyova Khachatryan, a lawmaker from the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK).

Yesterday, hundreds of farmers blocked the roadway in protest against the construction of a hydroelectric plant which they say will destroy their livelihood and restrict water supplies to their orchards. The MP says the protest was justified. “Local princelings did not keep the locals aware of the pending construction. They say one thing and do another,” he said.

Lyova Khachatryan is surprised that the plant is being constructed on Aparan reservoir which has little water supplies.  He says a commission will be set up to study the water issue by the order of the deputy premier.

“I have informed him [deputy premier] that some communities there do not have irrigation water,” says Mr. Khachatryan.

During the protest the environmentalists scuffled with a group of men in civilian clothes, who are believed to be plainclothes police officers. The BHK MP cannot understand why the latter beat the protesters. “It is disgusting, even insulting for me,” he said.