Mining increased anomalous phenomena

Mixed piggy and three-eared calf in Lori region Odzun community are the consequences of mining in the region. Pan Armenian Environmental front member Levon Galstyan is sure.

“We are sure that anomalous births, death causing illness increase are connected with the air and environmental pollution, mines and tailings,”- said Mr. Galstyan in the conversation with “A1+” turning to Odzun anomalous births.

The ecologist blames the Health Ministry, which doesn’t do scientific examinations.

“The Health Ministry must do examinations every year, but they aren’t done, maybe they don’t want to do. Anomalous phenomena have increased during recent years,”- stressed the ecologist.

The Health Ministry conducted audits in mining industry companies, “We regularly conduct audits, only we haven’t done during 2013, as we were forming visits together with the Ministry of Economics based on the risk component, in order to conduct our audits later with documents,”- in the conversation with “A1+’ noted the employee of the Health Ministry.

According to the Ministry employee, they conduct audits but mainly they check working conditions of employees, “In the surrounding regions monitoring is done with the content of soil, water, heavy metals. Audits have been done in part of illnesses too, though direct causal link between these diseases and related organizations has not been found,”- noted Armenuhi Arustamyan.