Hovik Abrahamyan to the farmer, “Come closer and I’ll say” (video)

Parliamentary hearings on agricultural issues today turned into mutual rebukes. Ararat and Armavir region farmers were also present at the hearings who were dissatisfied with elite wheat seeds given by the Agriculture Ministry during previous years.

The NA head Hovik Abrahamyan, present at the hearings demanded clarifications from the agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetyan.

The Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetyan said that sowing periods are broken, and it was contributed with the climatic conditions, “So we can’t say that it was only because of the seeds. His neighbors got good harvest.”

This announcement made the farmers angry. Ararat region Norakert district farmer Rafik Poghosyan said, “Minister is lying.”

Hovik Abrahamyan interrupted, “Behave yourself.”

Farmer: “The law about the seed was violated by the Minister.’

Hovik Abrahamyan: “Violating is one thing, cheating- another. Know your limits. Come closer and I will say, why are you crying. Hey, do you know that I know your biography better than you. But what is it about, behave yourself.”

After the discussion, Hovik Abrahamyan explained what was the reason for speaking in such a rude way with the farmer. “Come here, why are you standing there? What have I said to you, form you problem well and people will understand you. We have worked together for a long time, were you dissatisfied with me? Have I threatened anybody?”

When leaving Hovik Abrahamyan promised to raise farmers’ problem once again.