Railway workers will remain without a roof

At any time the former and present workers of “Southwest railway” can remain without a roof. According to the Government decision, they must leave the hostel in “Depot” area until April, where they live since Soviet years.

The residents are not against to get new flats. But when they saw the suggested hostel rooms, they understand that worse happens.

Besides the terrible communal conditions, new shelters are small.

The residents voiced their complaints to the officials of the Transport and Communications Ministry and “Southwest railway” and got this answer, “They ask if I want bathroom, North Avenue, they laugh at us.”

When moving to a new hostel the residents themselves must do construction expenses. According to their words, it is impossible for families who live on wages. And the sewage problem can’t be solved even with the money.

The press of “Southwest Railway” didn’t explain the situation and suggested applying to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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