In case of the third child 1 million AMD

The RA Government confirmed the appointment and payment of the monthly premium to the families of the RA “Military Cross” or posthumous “Armenia’s national hero” highest rank awarded heroes who died during the RA protection as well as heroes who died in service or official duties. The premium for Armenian National hero families is 250 thousand AMD, first level Military Cross awarded person’s families 150 thousand AMD, second level Military Cross awarded person’s families 100 thousand AMD. The decision is exercised on the relations created from January 1, 2014.

Monthly scholarship of unemployed included in the public employment status regulation state professional training program is set half of the minimum salary set by the RA law first article about “The minimum monthly salary”.

The Government set Child Benefit size according to the newborn’s regular number, first child- 50 thousand AMD, second child- 50 thousand AMD, third child- 1 million AMD, forth child- 1 million AMD, fifth and each next child- 1 million 500 thousand AMD.

The RA Government confirmed toys technical safety order, by which there will be legislation and activities correspondence to the international and European standards. Both in Armenia and in other countries, Armenian exported products will be safe.

RA Government