Greens price will increase on Easter eve

Armavir region Hovtamej village resident Armenuhi Hovhannisyan ig going from door to door to sell her grown corianders. She says that there is stagnation in the greens market, she couldn’t sell her harvest, “during winter trade was good, as it was cold, and many people didn’t have greens, at the end of February whole greens grew,”- adds the greens seller.

A bunch of corianders is sold by 70-100 AMD on wholesale trade.

The villager has difficult to say how much the greens price will increase on Easter eve, “All sell their products on that day, there will be stagnation, greens also may be few, the price will increase, now many people remove greens and saw tomatoes,”- she explains.

Arshaluys village vegetables cultivator Anush Galstyan facts that on Easter eve greens will increase by 20-30 AMD. According to her the resellers set greens prices, “They buy from us by 100 AMD and then resell at higher price”, stresses the villager.

The cultivator assures that greens cultivation is expensive and profits are few, “It is cheap, 100 AMD, how many we must sell to earn money, we can only 50 a day,”-she said by adding that “Greens spoil quickly.”

Greens sellers add that little increase in prices won’t help them.