Who can be operated for free, friend-relative relations won’t help? (video)

What was the reason that pregnancy pathologies treatment must become by co-payment though the decision was quickly abolished. Today journalists gave this question to the RA Health Minister Derenik Dumanyan.

“We examined the opinion of public and saw that it is not unequivocal and took them into account,”-said the Minister.

According to him, the issue wasn’t well prepared and there could be problems.

The Health minister didn’t refuse that there is a shadow also in their system, though it has reduced during recent years.

To exclude the shadow, it is intended to increase the wages of medical staff.

By the way, the Health Ministry decided to congratulate women in a special way. From March 8 to April 7 they can be examined in capital hospitals for free. Women with health problems must apply to the regional polyclinics and if there are problems, the woman will be sent to medical institutions for free examinations and operations if needed.

Health Minister Derenik Dumanyan refused that this time again only those who have good relations will be operated for free.

“Except the cosmetic operations, rest of the operations will be free and under it some mechanisms will be compensated,”- he summed up.