Violence against the ecologists

Ohanavan village resident Vardan Poghosyan told “A1+” that the policemen tried to arrest the ecologist Eghia Nersisyan during the campaign on Ashtarak-Aparan road by pushing him into the car. Later he was set free, though according to the resident, Eghia was terribly beaten.

The preparliament informs that “during the campaign a group of policemen and people in civilian clothes were violent against the member of Preparliament Eghia Nersisyan, his supporters Gevorg Safaryan, Hovhannes Khazaryan, Taron Sargsyan, Harutyun Malkhasyan and Tatev Mayilyan trying to arrest them without any reasons. Though the participants of campaign stopped their illegal actions.

There are hesitations that people in civilian clothes were also policemen.”

The members of Preparliament and their supporters took part in the campaign of 6 villages’ residents against the illegal construction of HPP.