Applied to Serzh Sargsyan on Zvartnots issue

The cultural policy in Armenia makes architects and intellectuals angry. At today’s conference they reflected on the construction of café in Garni Temple area and the deconstruction of Zvartnots airport round building. On the last issue the architects and intellectuals applied to Serzh Sargsyan.

Any cultural sightseeing in Armenia is polluted today, we don’t have one monument by which we can boast at the tourists, thinks architect Sashur Khalashyan. In this situation the architect blames the Ministry of Culture where there aren’t field specialists.

“There aren’t people, I dare to say, and if there are they are voiceless. Culture Ministry council looked through and approved Garni issue. If the Minister of Culture was strong, she must have dissolved the council, more she must have resigned after the story about the closed market as she was dishonored. By that step she would have just slapped the Government,”- announced architect Khalashyan.