HAK delegation met EU vice-ambassadors

On March 5 in EU delegation embassy in Armenia, Lithuanian Ambassador, Swedish temporary attorney and EU member countries’ vice-ambassadors met HAK delegation.

The head of the Congress Levon Zurabyan spoke about the political developments, presented the notes of HAK for overcoming the crisis in Armenia. Special attention was on corruption and human rights violations in Armenia. It was stressed that the authorities encourage monopolization of the economy.

During the discussion Armenia’s refusal from EU Association agreement pre-ratification as well as the reasons of the absence of advance in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations were discussed. There was special reference on the NKR conflict regulation prospects.

Levon Zurabyan also introduced the efforts of the Congress to develop the cooperation of three non-governmental powers and action agenda for development. HAK determination to continue the struggle for restoration of the constitutional order was stressed.

A. Avagyan, V. Karapetyan, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the EU delegation vice-ambassadors were present at the meeting.