The story of offshore: who cheated, who escaped and who will be punished (video)

The offshore scandal burst last year on May. It was clear from the publications of “Hetk” website that Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Ararat Diocese Navasard Archbishop Kchoyan together with the businessman Ashot Sukiasyan make businessman Paylak Hayrapetyan bankrupt, who pledged 33 million dollars worth property at “Ameria” bank and got 10 million dollars loan. In 2010 Paylak Hayrapetyan took part in the discussion in Economics Minister Nerses Eritsyan’s office dedicated to the development of diamond processing where he was assured that Ashot Sukiasyan had diamond and gold mines in African state of Sierra Leone but he also didn’tt have enough money to provide Armenia high quality and cheap raw materials. And for this reason the businessman must support him to realize his projects.

Paylak Hayrapetyan present at the discussion agreed to get necessary money by pledging his own property. One of the banks refuses giving money but Ameria bank with the motion of Prime Minister, Minister Eritsyan and Archbishop gives 10 million 700 thousand AMD loan. The bank transfers money by 7 steps. Diamond processing didn’t develop during previous 6 transfers. This didn’t bother Ameria bank according to the “Hetk”. The fact is that Paylak Hayrapeyan was assured on the Ministry of Economics that due to this loan Armenia must have become one of the international centers of diamond processing and trading.

According to “Hetk”, Ashot Sukiasyan partially got these 10 million dollars and passed to three offshore companies registered in Cyprus, the owners of one of them are Prime-Minister and Sukiasyan’s godfather- the Archbishop. The press wrote that Sukiasyan is famous that he presented Ararat Diocese head 120 thousand dollars worth “Bentley” car.

Later the clergyman confirmed it.

Diamond processing didn’t develop and loan obligations weren’t done, instead Paylak Hayrapetyan was deprived of his 33 million dollars worth property. Prime Minister and Archbishop refused that they have connection with the offshore company in Cyprus, Sukiasyan announced that he opened those companies on behalf of Prime Minister and Archbishop and transferred money to their accounts. Nevertheless, there were Prime Minister’s and Archbishop’s signatures in the documents. When it turned out that the diamond processing wouldn’t develop and Paylak Hayrapetyan was cheated, Ashot Sukiasyan disappeared.

Before that he managed to transfer 10 million dollars from offshore to “Dzoraghbyur” company account opened in Ameria bank. It means that Ameria bank fully got back its money and besides owned Paylak Hayrapetyan’s whole property. Later it turned out that the Police head Vladimir Gasparyan was also in this story as he let Ashot Sukiasyan leave the country after he had appeared in the black list of dishonest creditors. “Hetk” found out that the only owner of Ameria bank is also registered in the offshore zone. A criminal case was initiated on offshore scandal at Prosecutor General’s Office during the Aghvan Hovsepyan, which was passed to Police, which sent the signatures of Prime Minister and Archbishop to the examination. The results of examination are kept in secret.

In his last conference Prime Minister hinted that Vardan Oskanyan stood behind the offshore scandal. “As much as Prime Minister’s words about economy are real, so much I am included in the scandal,”- immediately responded former Minister. The main hero of scandal Ashot Sukiasyan was arrested in Georgian capital this year on January 31. During 40 days, on March 12, he must be passed to Armenia.