People in Vardashen live with scorpions and snakes (video)

At home as in the street. This is the situation of the residents in Vardashen district 9th street, building 70. In this fourth level damaged building there is no single apartment which walls are not cracked and which residents don’t complain about humidity. There are 24 families and many problems in the building. Including water supplies, “There is only one tap, I can’t, my poor daughters are fed up with carrying, what can we do?”- says resident Tamara Grigoryan.

Another resident- Gayane Martirosyan, has lived in the building since 1998, she turned to all the officials with this problem including Taron Margaryan and Serzh Sargsyan. “We don’t want elite building, we want even a hostel, let it be our own, we will construct, we don’t know what to do here. Should our city head think about us or not, let him give us a shelter, here is the baggage of my children, they live in the rented house, can I grow up children in these conditions? I can’t.”

Mina Grigoryan together with her husband and grown up daughters lives in one room apartment. She and her husband sleep on the ground, during rainy weather water drips from the ceiling, and in the summer there are scorpions and snakes, “I send my child here and there so that scorpions can’t bite and I have to keep a cat.”

The building is destroying from below and above. The residents are showing sediments by saying that the building is destroying and there are plates everywhere in the ceiling for water drops.

The street is in more terrible situation where you get dirty when you pass.

More in the video.