Kremlin stands behind Maidan and March 1 (video)

It is not a secret that Armenia is a vassal state of the Kremlin, says Gayane Arustamyan, a representative of the Armenian Committee of Solidarity with Maidan. Today, she participated in a protest outside the Russian Embassy in Yerevan.

“We call on our compatriots to conduct protests outside Russian embassies in different countries,” she said. “Armenian authorities are silent and do not express any position on the Ukraine standoff.”

Silence is a sign of agreement with Russia, which is inadmissible. “”True, Armenia is facing numerous problems today, but it does not mean that Armenians should not support Ukrainians. Had the international given a proper assessment of the March 1 tragedy in Armenia, the Ukraine Maidan would have been averted. We have the same handwriting in both cases – that of the Kremlin,” she said.