Republican village headman to be re-elected for the seventh time

Residents of Khachpar community in Ararat region will elect a new head on March 9 but there is not any pre-election turmoil in the village. The only candidate for the position is the acting Republican headman Shahen Martirosyan who will be re-elected for the seventh time.

Martirosyan was first elected as headman of Khachpar village in 1991 and has been holding the position ever since. No other candidate has turned up to challenge the acting headman during the election races.

Martirosyan himself is not surprised at the fact. “This comes to show that I have worked well,” says the 53-year-old man.  If elected, he promises to continue addressing the problems faced by his villagers.

Many of the villagers refused to answer our questions saying the election will hardly better their lives. One of them, Edik Babajanyan, said they need a new village head who will act rather than give empty promises.