Nikolay Tsaturyan surrenders his position

Nikolay Tsaturyan, Artistic Director of the Gyumri-based Vardan Achemyan Theatre, has surrendered his position to Ludwig Harutyunyan, a 33-year-old citizen of Gyumri.

“Ludwig is a young, promising director and will soon assume the position of the general director. I simply consulted with the director and told him that I want him [Ludwig Harutyunyan] to become the general director of the theatre. The director agreed. The theatre does not need an artistic director,” Nikolay Tsaturyan told A1+.

Tsaturyan will continue to work at the theatre as an adviser. He assured us that the decision should not be linked to the unpleasant incident that involved Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan.

“When Hasmik Poghosyan visited Gyumri, she said Nikolay Tsaturyan will work at the theatre as long as he wishes,” said Mr. Tsaturyan