Aravot: Armenian captive tortured in Azerbaijan

Mamikon Khojoyan, an Armenian villager who was returned by Azerbaijan on Tuesday after being held hostage in the country for over a month, was subjected to torture in Azerbaijan, reports.

Khojoyan is being treated at a medical centre in Ijevan, with policemen guarding the infirmary.

We learnt from the medical centre that Khojoyan’s health condition has deteriorated.There are traces of puncture on his head and ears, his ribs are damaged. He was probably injected toxic chemicals and given psychoactive drugs. Khojoyan is in a drowsy state now.
There are traces of firearms in his ar which prove that Khojoyan had been shot in captivity. To hide the traces, Azerbaijanis operated on Khojoyan but the surgery was unsuccessful and now the man needs another surgery.

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The 77-year-old resident of Verin Karmiraghbyur village in Tavush region was captured by Azerbaijan after accidentally crossing the country’s border. He was reported to be mentally ill. Azerbaijan claimed the man was a saboteur and was armed.