EIB to analyze strategic needs of EU Eastern Partnership member-states

Secretary of Armenia’s National Security Council, Artur Baghdasaryan, received on Wednesday a delegation of the European Investment Bank led by Mr. Philippe Szymczak.

Artur Baghdasaryan stressed that Armenia has experience in cooperating with the European Investment Bank, particularly in implementing modernization programs at the Bagratashen, Gogavan and Bavra checkpoints. The EIB is co-funding the comprehensive program.

The Armenian official stressed the importance of EIB-funded programs for the development of Armenia’s economy.

In his turn, Mr. Szymczak noted that, in compliance with its 2014-2020 financial program, the EIB has undertaken the analysis and financing of strategic needs of the EU Eastern Partnership member-states  in education, science, health, infrastructures modernization, energy, small and medium businesses and other sectors.

The interlocutors agreed to discuss in the near future the financing of priority programs for Armenia, reports the NSC press service.