Why is Ukraine scenario impossible in Armenia? (video)

“The events of Maidan, the main square of bloody clashes in the Ukraine capital, will never occur in Armenia, says sociologist Aharon Adibekyan.

“Armenians are good viewers; they usually assume the role of the audience. They can become the leader of the revolution in other countries, but here, in Armenia, they feel suppressed by difficulties, therefore they take the path of migration,” says the sociologist.

Aharon Adibekyan says the Ukraine crisis reminds him of Armenia in 1992, when the Karabakh Committee came to power and destroyed the country with anti-Russian moods. “The same scenario is observed in Ukraine today. Instead of stabilizing the situation in the country the opposition is deepening the crisis it with its anti-Russian policy.”

Stepan Safaryan, Secretary of the opposition Heritage party, holds a different opinion on the Ukraine standoff. He says the opposition in Ukraine had success because of its pro-European stance. “I would not say that Armenians are not revolutionary, we just lack resources.”

“In Armenia, we have opposition forces that collaborate with one another, but three of the four forces share a different position on foreign policy issues. The Armenian National Congress (HAK), Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun and Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) agree to Armenia’s accession to Russian-led Customs Union. In the given circumstances, we cannot have a clear vision for the future of our country,” said Mr. Safaryan.