Vazgen Sargsyan would turn 55 today: His mother is awarded with Order (video)

Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan, a national hero of Armenia and a famous politician, would turn 55 on March 5.

Mrs. Greta Sargsyan, the mother of Sparapet (military leader), today is unable to accept congratulations on her son’s birthday.  On Tuesday evening she was transferred to the Nairi Medical Centre where she was diagnosed with acute disturbance of cerebral blood circulation. At present, Mrs. Greta is at the intensive care unit of the Centre. Doctors say she is in stable but critical condition.

In the meantime, people are visiting Sargsyan’s family home in Ararat village to commemorate the great hero. Yesterday evening, Sargsyan’s comrades-in-arms brought “Mother of Knight” (Mother of Hay Aspet) Order to Mrs. Greta but the latter was unable to personally receive the guests because of poor health. The order was awarded by the International Security Academy of Aspetats (Knights).

The Chairman of the Academy, General Arsen Fidanyan says he always remember Vazgen Sargsyan’s advice.

“Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic should always keep the memory of Sparapet alive,” he said.

Vazgen Sargsyan, the former minister of defense and prime minister of Armenia, was killed in the Armenian parliament shooting of October 27, 1999. During the Artsakh war, Sargsyan was the commander of the volunteers’ detachment Yerkrapah. He was honored with the titles of National Hero of Armenia, and Hero of Artsakh. He was also a knight of the “Golden Eagle” medal.