Farmer: People buy cheese from pension to pension

Cheese is scarce in this season but there is no deficit, says farmer Varsik Hakobyan.

“The shortage of cheese is quite normal as in spring milk hardly suffices newborn calves,” says the resident of Tsakhunk village of Armavir marz.

Varsik Hakobyan has eleven cows but milks only three of them. “Everything will return to the normal in 2-3 months, when cows go to the pasture and give more milk.”

She ensures that the scarcity of milk will not affect the prices of cheese. “There are not many buyers today. People buy cheese from pension to pension.”

Chairman of the Cheese Makers’ Union Armen Grigoryan says the deficit in the cheese market has a seasonal nature. He assured us that they are doing their best to prevent increase in dairy prices.