Mets Mantash school turned into a lively construction site

There were ordinary construction works at Mets Mantash village 4 departments tying 5th department area, when the Minister of the RA Urban Development Ministry Samvel Tadevosyan and other executives visited the construction site.

The school built in 70’s had 7 departments and was intended for 1200 students. This reconstruction was realized for 360 students. Now 270 students attend the school as a result of which 4 from 7 departments were rebuilt and a new 5th department is being built in the place of inner yard.

Samvel Tadevosyan excluded the works in technically insufficient places without their strengthening. “First of all we will observe 2nd and 3rd level damaged buildings and estimate their seismic stability.

Then we will realize more extensive and dependable measures, which will ensure the minimal seismic stability of important buildings,”- stressed Minister Tadevosyan.

About 500 millions AMD will be spent on the total reconstruction of the school.

Ministry of Urban Development