Mother is willing to give her kidney to her son, but it is impossible

There was information on websites that Armavir region Hoktember village resident Ruslan Sargsyan born in 1988 suffers from renal insufficiency, now lives due to the hemodialysis and kidney transplantation is needed. The boy’s mother is ready to give her kidney but the family doesn’t have money for 3 million AMD surgery.

The RA Health Ministry informs that Ruslan Sargsyan gets hemodialysis in “Arabkir” BS Child and Adolescent Health Institute. According to the specialists, in the patient’s current condition there is no contraindication for transplantation. Kidney transplantation in our country is done at the same institute.

According to the RA law about Organs and / or Tissues Transplantation, a relative can be a donor for kidney transplantation. But according to the specialists, Ruslan Sargsyan’s mother Lyudmila Sargsyan can’t be a donor because of her health status.

In case of donor issue solution the RA Health Ministry and “Arabkir” joint children charity foundation will provide 2.5 million AMD.

Health Ministry