Putin: “Yanukovych will attend the funeral” (video) (video)

Russia doesn’t consider joining Crimea. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his press conference on Ukraine’s issue.

At the same time Putin said, that only residents can decide their own future by their free choice. If it was allowed to the Kosovo Albanians and other nations in the world, it means that the self-determination right of nations wasn’t abolished.

“But we won’t make anybody in any case make such decision,”- added Putin stressing, that the residents of that particular area have their own right to make such decision.

Turning to the journalist’s note that the snipers shot during the riots in Kiev, Putin answered that the snipers were provocateurs from opposition parties. According to Russian President, they saw, how Berkut soldiers stood with shields and they were shot not from air guns but military guns.

“I am not concerned that a war will start as we are not going to fight against Ukrainian people,”- noted Putin.

A journalist reminded the announcements of the West that by implementing his army in Crimea Russia will violate Budapesht agreement, by which the territorial integrity of Ukraine was accepted of the fact that Ukraine abandons nuclear weapons.

Putin answered that there was armed and unconstitutional power acquisition in Ukraine. According to Putin, when they say, that is an unconstitutional reform, the West answers that it is a revolution, “If it is a revolution, it is possible to create new state in that territory. And we haven’t signed any obligatory document about that state,”- said Putin.

He is sure that the West well organized and supported the unconstitutional reform and power acquisition in Ukraine.

“West commanders put much efforts, – said Putin and added,- Our partners in West do it in Ukraine not for the first time.”

At the same time he announced that Ukrainian former authorities didn’t thought about the people. Comparing GDPs per person in Ukraine and Russia as well as the pensions, Putin said that the situation is worse in Ukraine. According to his words, Ukrainian authorities must think about it, as well as prevention of brigandage. The Ukrainian revolution was on this base. “In Ukraine the legitimate power is important but not in this way,”- said Putin.

Depending how the Presidential elections will pass in Ukraine, Russia will accept them or not. “If they pass in the atmosphere of terror we won’t accept,”- said Putin.

According to Putin, he met Yanukovich who was safe and sound. “Yanukovich will attend the funeral of those who spread such news,”- said Putin indicating those who spread information about Yanukovich’s death.

Turning to the news that Yulia Timoshenko will visit Russia, Putin said, that he won’t hinder that visit.

He informed that Russia will continue to prepare for the Group of Eight meeting in Sochi, and if some of that countries connected with Ukrainian’s events will boycott the meeting, it is their decision.