Kathy Leach will remain as Ambassador until the end of the posting

From 1 March, 2014 Kathy Leach took over as Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador and will remain as Ambassador until the end of her posting.

For this occasion Jonathan Aves said: ‘On February 28th I handed over as Ambassador to Kathy for the last time – it was also my last official day in the UK’s diplomatic service. Kathy will continue as Ambassador for the rest of our time in Armenia – and I will remain here to support her, take care of the family and, in time, take up new professional challenges. Thank you to everyone who has helped make my posting in Armenia so professionally and personally rewarding’.

Kathy Leach said: ‘Working as a Team Ambassador has been a great experience for us both. I feel very proud indeed of what we have achieved together over the past two years. I think we’ve proved how well this format can work – thanks to our great Embassy team and a new burst of energy every four months, 2013 was one of our best years.