HHK member was in Ukraine (video)

The NA HHK deputy Karine Achemyan who was in Ukraine two days before, came to the conclusion that the events there must be lesson for many countries.

“With violence, neglecting the Constitution, revolution where you live, firing, destroying, I think that it is just unacceptable in the 21st century. Of course it is bad when the head of the country is not in his place, but reforms must be done legally and according to the Constitution,”- said the NA deputy in the conversation with the journalists.

She thinks that Ukrainians will suffer much after Maidan’s events, “It will suffer many years both financially and economically, as the system and politics are distorted.”

According to Karine Achemyan, Ukrainian present Government is intruder, “A Government that bans the language or puts restrictions, makes violations, does such actions which doesn’t suit to democratic countries. In reality I think that the law is the most important.”