A quarter of a century in the tin contemporary-building (video) (video)

February 1, 2008 was set the deadline for registration in waiting lists for getting houses in disaster zone of earthquake for homeless families.

Until the set date homeless families must present to the local governmental bodies a dozens of documents on the destruction of houses, residence and family members.

Only in Gyumri about 300 families weren’t registered for some reasons, some were abroad, the others had health problems and didn’t gather all the necessary documents. The issue of homeless families, which weren’t registered in the waiting lists won’t be discussed in the Ministry of Urban Construction according to the order.

After 2008 there have been no registration of homeless families. The video presented is about Atoyan family flat problem. They live in a tin contemporary-building more than a quarter of a century. During the earthquake the hostel where they lived was destroyed.

Though the family didn’t manage to gather all the necessary documents and register in the waiting list, for which they won’t be provided a house.