“Armenia must help Russia” (video)

“If Russia applies military forces in Ukraine, it will become a start for new nuclear war,”- a political analyst Saro Saroyan is sure. According ho him, the actions of Russia surprised the world. “Russia violated all the legal acts and if it applies military forces in Ukraine, in that case the USA, the UK and other European countries, which vouched for Ukraine’s safety, will also start military actions and it will lead to the third world war.”

The analyst has difficulty to predict if Russia will ask Armenia for help as Armenia is a CSTO member. But one thing is clear that the war will have tragic consequences on Armenia as well, “It is difficult to say if Russia will ask for help or not, as CSTO member countries must help Russia, if there is a threat for its territorial integrity.

If a war starts and moves into Russia, in this case CSTO member countries must help. The war will be disastrous for Armenia. Our enemies can benefit from the geopolitical instability,”- he summed up.