What will be with Temple Garni (video)

Temple Garni is an open air museum and the construction of café there is meaningless. Today during the meeting with the journalists noted the head of the Guides Union Lia Bakhchinyan.

According to her words, any person wants to see Temple Garni when visiting Armenia and learn its history. Though with the construction of café there will be another situation. And it will seem to the children visiting Garni that they come to drink a cup of water or juice without recognizing its cultural value.

By the way, Garni village head Ashot Vardanyan was also invited to the conference, though he informed through the evening call that he had a meeting in the administration and the answer pleased him: without the administration’s permission no work can be done in the area of the temple.

The head of Guides Union reminds, that according to the plan tourists are not given more than forty minutes in Garni.

“They haven’t time to stop and drink coffee. And even if they have, their noise will disturb the other tourists,”- she said.

The latter hopes that the construction will be stopped and calls all the state bodies to be consistent.