Human life will be controlled by electronic device

To decrease the number of prisoners in Armenia it is intended to implement electronic devices with the new Criminal Code.

“The device will give opportunity to follow the prisoner’s behavior when signals go through the device and the investigator follows the signals, and you can’t take it out, when you send, the signal goes at once. When a person violates the terms of preventive measures, there is a danger of arrest,”- said the RA Justice deputy Minister Arman Tatoyan.

Home arrest and administrative control can be controlled by electronic means, “In case of administrative control you don’t make a person stay at home, you only make him 3 times a week come and register in Police department. At the same time a person can’t approach to some people, don’t go to some places during particular hours, for example we warn that he can’t change his temporary or permanent residence. And the electronic device shows if he left the area, for example Yerevan or some village. But you can’t host some people, it is also possible to hear the phone conversations of that person if the Court makes such a decision,”- the Justice deputy Minister explained the privileges of the new Criminal Code.

The device must be obtained by state means, but it is a question how they will be used.

“We need experts who will help the local specialists to understand the privileges of implementation of electronic control. Not only for the field specialists but also for investigators and judges trainings must be organized,”- he said.

The device will be attached to the guilty person’s foot or hand. The cost of the devices isn’t known.