Journalists could hinder the work of ad hoc committee on ga (video)

The newly formed ad hoc committee on gas today held its first meeting in the Armenian parliament. After the sitting, Davit Harutyunyan, a committee member of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), became convinced that the sittings should be held behind closed doors.

Aghvan Vardanyan, Secretary of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation –Dashnaktsutyun, agrees with Harutyunyan. “If journalists were present in the sitting, we would have worked longer,” he said.

Aram Manukyan, a committee member from the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), says after the first discussion he noticed an earnest desire among the pro-government members to discover the truth.  “I do not believe or trust them, but it is difficult to hide the reality. We are speaking about high tariffs, accumulated debt and illegalities which, I think, are easy to reveal. What is the purpose of the committee if the farce around gas tariffs is not disclosed?”

Davit Harutyunyan says if the prices were calculated by a classical methodology, they could be much higher. He also said that all questions will find answers in due time.

The next sitting will be held on Wednesday.