Vartan Oskanian: Levon Ter-Petrosyan continued Gagik Tsarukyan’s speech

The accents [HAK leader] Levon Ter-Petrosyan laid in his speech during the Saturday 1 rally were the continuation of BHK Leader Gagik Tsarukyan’s speech made at the party’s recent congress. Both of them referred to the situation in the country and suggested ways to stabalise the situation, Vartan Oskanian, a senior member of the BHK, wrote on his Facebook page.

“There cannot be two opinions; the country is in a grave situation.  The leaders of non-coalition parties have agreed that the only way to take the country out of the situation is to consolidate the political forces and civil society.

I believe that anyone in power, whose ultimate goal is not to retain power, will positively assess the speeches and proposals which entirely fit the realms of the Constitution and democracy and can lead to a political process which will strengthen the country’s statehood and restore its reputation in the international arena.

In 2017 and 2018, Armenians will again go to the polls to elect lawmakers and president. Armenia does not have so much time, political, economic and demographic resources to wait for the next elections, given the practice of the previous elections.

Therefore, people’s demand for the government’s resignation is quite logical and it can be achieved through legitimate processes.

Naturally, there is also a need for a common ideological basis and programme, which will serve as an alternative to the existing policy and will give people hope and believe in the future of the country. This will be made possible through the formation of a new government based on open and wide extra-parluiamentary forces,” said Mr. Oskanian.